Ston Wall Marathon as part of the Zero Waste Blue project

Ston Wall Marathon as part of the Zero Waste Blue project

16.09.2019. 15:15:27

This year’s Ston Wall Marathon is part of the Zero Waste Blue project that aims to minimize the negative effects of large sports events in particular areas. In addition to natural beauties, the objective is to take care of historical heritage threatened by increasingly common mass tourism. One of the first changes that you will notice on this year’s race is the absence of plastic. Plastic glasses will be replaced by biodegradable glasses. 

As the project is within the Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme, partners come from the Adriatic coast of these two countries: Town of Opatija (LP), University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Zadar County Development Agency Zadra Nova, Dubrovnik and Neretva Region, - Emilia-Romagna Region, Veneto Region - Tourism Department, Molise Region, Municipality of Ancona, Veneto Innovazione S.P.A.

In addition to promoting health and the city of Ston, through this project, Ston Wall Marathon gets the environmental component as negative effects of the organization of such events is minimized. Monumental walls and untouched nature will keep attracting numerous runners and this project will ensure continuation of the development of this event with minimized negative effects on the environment.